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They are paid a fortune for their ability to make complex decisions about where to invest millions of pounds every single day.
But perhaps the job of an investment banker is not quite as difficult as it might seem.

A chimpanzee in Russia has out-performed 94 per cent of the country's investment funds with her portfolio growing by three times in the last year.
Moscow TV reported how circus chimp Lusha chose eight companies from a possible 30 to invest her one million roubles - around £21,000.
Lusha the monkey in her stage act for a Moscow circus. Lusha has outperformed almost all of Russia's investment funds with her stock picks
'She bought successfully and her portfolio grew almost three times. She did better than almost the whole of the rest of the market,' said editor of Russian Finance magazine Oleg Anisimov.
He questioned why so-called financial whizz-kids are still receiving hefty perks for their expertise .
'Everyone is shocked. What are they getting their bonuses for? Maybe it's worth sending them all to the circus.'
The money-wise mape was given cubes representing different companies and asked: 'Lusha where would you like to invest your money this year?'
Pausing briefing to think, she then picked out her eight cubes.
Lusha's top picks included banks where shares soon rose a stunning 600 per cent after large-scale support from the Kremlin to weather the crisis.
She missed out on telecommunications which scored a 240 per cent profit, but went for mining companies, up 150 per cent.

The Russian media heaped more scorn on the investment experts saying: 'Lusha made all serious analysts look like clowns.'
One broker hit back: 'If the experiment had taken place a year earlier, the monkey would not have had enough money to pay for her bananas.'
And her trainer Svetlana Maksimova admitted: 'Money questions should be decided by financiers and politicians. If monkeys get into it, our economy will collapse at once.'
But Pavel Trunin, the head of monetary policy department at the Institute for the Economy in Transition in Moscow, said enviously: 'It shows that financial knowledge does not play a great role in giving forecasts to how the market will change.
It is usually a matter of more or less successful guessing. And the monkey got lucky.' The monkey, owned by legendary Russian trainer Lev Dorov, split her investments between state-owned corporations and private companies.

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9 comentarios:

General Fórceps dijo...

"Pausing briefing to think, she then picked out her eight cubes."

Mr Towers dijo...

I lo més acollonant del cas, acabant ja aquest glacial setmana de -aparentment- apocalíptics derrumbes financers, és que la notícia no em sorprèn ni una miqueta així.

'ta clar, en un mon de tiburons, la mona s'emporta totes les bananes.

Soros is over-rated.

Johnny Tastavins dijo...

Estamos muy mal, muy mal, y cada día vamos a peor. Astounding!

Ant. dijo...

La semana que viene Fórceps nos escribirá un post comunicándonos que él en realidad es un chimpancé con un ordenador que escribe desde su jaula del Zoo ;-)

Muy monos los monos.

oscarini dijo...

habría que matarlos a todos .... putos especuladores...

Raimon dijo...


Hace más de 10 años, en época de vacas gordas, recuerdo haberme hecho una cartera 'virtual', en plan juego, en cierta web.

En un mes y medio había perdido varios millones de pesetas.

Y eso que compré con tino. Quizá ahí estuvo el error.

General Fórceps dijo...

creo que el experimento merece replicarse a mayor escala, con mas bichos, y ver si se confirma.

oscarini dijo...

En el año 91, en mi mocedad, realice mi primera hábil y excelsa inversión, comprando 20000 pesetas de la compañía puntera y de gran futuro, Altos Hornos de Vizcaya (suena a sólida inversión, no?).

Un mes después quebró la compañía.

Gran estreno en el mercado de valores. A partir de aquel día, no he cejado en intentar mejorar mi hazaña, como queriendo emular a los grandes, Nick Leesson, Jerome Kerviel o el más grande, Bernie the Man.

punisher dijo...

ojo que en Japón ya llevan décadas en esto

si lo hubieran puesto al frente de las operaciones, lo de Horta de St.Joan no habría ocurrido...